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Planning for Umrah or any kind of vacation with family or solo in the coming month? Choosing a travel agency could be a wise decision to take.

Complete package of service
Are you looking for a dependable service from a registered travel agency? Here at The 7th Travel Agency , we are pleased to offer a complete package of services. We have not restricted our services to Hajj and Umrah, but we also offer local tour packages that include visa consultancy, airline tickets, travel insurance, etc. We have been serving as “The 7th Travel Agency” for years and proudly offer hassle-free packages.  

Worthwhile experience
The asset of the dependable team as a registered travel agency is no less than a blessing. In the stretch of ice and cold, it is the dependable team that can ensure your safety with adventurous traveling. Being registered and reputed throughout Pakistan, here at The 7th Travel Agency, we understand the financial and health stability of everyone willing to travel. And this is what makes our team behave professionally and friendly at the same time to provide complete knowledge about the packages as per their traveling budget. From the beginning to date, we have successfully served over 10,000 customers.

Budget-friendly deals
Planning a trip charges nothing, but going for a few days does. Serving in the highly competitive industry, here at The 7th Travel Agency, we understand the pocket size of everyone and therefore come up with deals and packages that are worth it. Unlike other travel agencies, we are not only focused on the amount coming into our pocket. Instead, we ensure the level of comfort that one can have with our great deals for Umrah, airline tickets, hotel booking, and a lot more. Our deals sometimes also kick up the travelers to plan their next trip even when they are not in the mood.

Free travel consultancy
If you are not one of the regular tourists, you might struggle with the entire process. From booking the tickets to managing hotels, and then keeping an eye on the delays of flights can be a hectic task. As a trusted travel agency, we are not only focused on booking your vacations. Instead, guide and consult you so that you can have the best in your vacation mood. We consider traveling as the best education and choosing a trip with complete knowledge is the wisest decision. Unlike others, we offer free travel consultancy service to all our regular and potential clients.

When choosing a travel agent, the one registered will hold the reputation that everyone will be looking forward to having. Since it is perceived that the more reputable is the travel agency, the better is its’ services. Having ourselves registered with the Directorate of Tourist Services, Sindh, we have been struggling to offer everything top-notch. Alongside paying concentration towards our main goal, i.e. quality services at the best rates in the market, we also ensure making our clients comfortable. Checkout out our reputation via our government registration and tax document.   

Make traveling memorable with our comfortable services!

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